4 Customized Features to Consider for Your Dream Closet

With a custom-designed closet, you can add customized features that make your closet more functional, stylish, and, ultimately, a dream. Here at Clozetivity of North Alabama, we offer custom closet design services you'll love. Below, we explore four customized features to consider for your dream closet. Get a free quote today!

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closet accessories

Pull-Out Accessories Cabinet

A pull-out accessories cabinet is a practical solution to organize your jewelry, hats, and scarves while keeping them within reach. These cabinets come in a range of material options and sizes with custom-fitted organizers for each type of accessory, making them more comfortable to store and access.

multi-level hanging

Multi-Level Hanging

Multi-level hanging maximizes vertical space in your Northern Alabama home's closet by creating additional levels of hanging rails for items such as shirts, pants, or skirts. By stacking your clothing items, you can store more items without sacrificing the outfit's visibility or organization.

closet island

Island Workspace

An island workspace is an excellent feature to consider if you want more storage or ample counter space in your closet. Islands with built-in drawers, adjustable shelves, and pull-out baskets can create a multifunction area that serves as both storage and workspace for various tasks such as folding laundry, packing a suitcase, or even putting on your shoes.

closet lighting


Good lighting is crucial when it comes to finding what you need in your custom closet at your Northern Alabama home. Closet lighting fixtures such as LED lights, under-mount lights, or strip lighting can highlight and brighten specific areas of your closet depending on what item you are looking for or reflect the ambiance you desire.


With countless options to explore, you can customize your closet to reflect your style and suit your specific needs. When you work with our professional closet designers, we can help you determine the perfect features to match your lifestyle and create the unique and personalized storage solution of your dreams. Get a free quote from Clozetivity of North Alabama today!

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